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Simple & Elegance
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Classic, Elegance and Luxury

Our watches are all classically inspired, but have a modern edgeto the design language. They speak to our vision of timelessness and cachet, they speak to your desire for elegance and luxury.

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Materials and Movements

Design distinctive and cutting watches, and distribution of watches that have reason to be in the market place we at Minster 1949 take pride In what we sell and what we put our name on. To simplify ‘only the best’ will do.

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Everything you Can to Build Here

With over 30 years experience within the international watch industry and an unmatched wealth of knowledge , understanding of design, production & development Minster 1949 watches lead the market

Stylish, Simple, Elegance


The skills involved
in our work

High Quality

Distinguished by
the fineness


Collection of Flexible
Wrist Watches.

Brutishly Strong

Wear One You Will


Our Fundamental Belefifs
of Tradition


Quintessentially British
and Embodiment


New Technological

Durable Materials

High Standards of Quality
Design and Manufacture.

100% British Made

With over 30
years experience